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Brewing Solidarity Rally for Canterbury

February 28, 2011

The local brewing community is getting together at multiple venues across New Zealand this Friday to mark the passing of the many victims of the earthquake and as a show of support for all that survived last week’s disaster.

David Cryer, who penned last week’s poignant article about his experiences during and immediately after the quake, said that the quake had left people across both New Zealand and Australia with a sense of helplessness and that the evening was a chance for people directly affected by the disaster and those  watching from afar to come together in support of the victims.

“People can feel a sense of powerlessness watching an event like this, when they are ‘close’ to those involved but not directly affected,” David said.

“I think it is important for us to gather and express our grief and feelings for the people of Canterbury and for our brewing friends.”

While many events will have some aspect of fundraising, David said a night of showing solidarity for those affected was the main reason for getting together.

“In New Zealand we will have some low-key raffles but it is not a competition to see who can raise the most funds. It’s a chance for SOBA members and our friends across the Tasman to gather and do some good for themselves and Christchurch,” he said.

“It is very important that people do not feel excluded from this, so any bar or venue anywhere in New Zealand or Australia that wants to join in they are to proceed with our blessing.

“‘Our’ means the brewing community SOBA, BGNZ, beer lovers, brewers – anyone connected to our industry in any country.”

New Zealand venues signed up to host an event so far include:

  • Auckland, Manager Martin Bridges – Andrew Andrew, 201 Quay St, Viaduct 5pm on raffles begin 7pm www.viewauckland.co.nz/pubsandbars/andrew-andrew-info-66530.html
  • Hamilton, Manager  Greig McGill – House on Hood, 27 Hood St, Hamilton  5pm on raffles begin 7pm www.houseonhood.co.nz/
  • Wellington, Manager Kieran Haslett-Moore – Bar Edward, 167 Riddiford Street, 5pm on raffles begin 7pm www.baredward.co.nz
  • Nelson, Manager Mic Dover – The Freehouse, 95 Collingwood St, Nelson www.thefreehouse.co.nz
  • Dunedin, Manager Bob King – The team at Emerson are organising something right now we will have a venue tomorrow at latest same format as above is expected.

Any Australian venues looking to host a local solidarity rally can email Australian Brews News and we will add your event to the roster.

David said that while many breweries were affected by the quake, this was not a brewery specific fundraiser.

“All money raised should be donated to the Red Cross which is assisting all affected. Anyone who would like to support the event can donate directly to the Red Cross Appeal for Christchurch” David said.

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