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B2 Bomber Mach 4.0

July 25, 2014

Media release

B2 Bomber Mach 4.0

BRB-Tasting-B2_Bomber-Mach4.0From humble beginnings in June 2005, Bridge Road Brewers has reached its ninth year of brewing in 2014.

The past year has seen the brewery expand significantly, doubling our floor space with a new bottling and warehouse building. We have also continued our slow growth strategy of reinvesting funds into new technology and production equipment as well as continually improving our recipes and processes.

We thought it best we celebrate our ninth birthday by doing what we do best, brewing another batch of beer. We decided to continue our B2 Series into its fourth year. To do so we have fortified our 2013 beer, which was a fortified version of our 2012 beer, which was… (you get the picture), by using more hops and more malt, to create the B2 Mach 4.0.

This Black Belgo India Ale has had the hop and malt dial turned up yet another notch or two. Mach 4.0 like 3.0, once again has big roasted and chocolate malt characters, fruity Belgium yeast esters and an even bigger punch of hop aroma and flavour.

It will drink incredibly well immediately and also develop with age.

This is a one off batch of beer, we aim to have no more than 1200 bottles and 20 kegs. We will do our best to get your desired allocation to you.

Email for wholesale pricing: [email protected]

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