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4 Pines to release limited edition medieval drop

August 27, 2014

Media Release

4 Pines to release limited edition medieval drop


Sydney microbrewery 4 Pines Brewing Company will release a limited edition medieval style beer next month, as part of the inaugural annual St Ives Medieval Faire.

The popular boutique beer makers from Sydney’s northern beaches will put their skills to the test to recreate an authentic medieval drop for the event, sourcing ingredients from as far afield as Scotland to perfect the flavour.

The gruit style beer, dubbed Sir Andrew’s Gruit after Sydney knight and jouster Andrew McKinnon, will be available exclusively at the St Ives Medieval Faire, which runs 20-21 September at the St Ives Showground.

“We wanted to give the Faire goers something special to drink and have the full medieval experience,” said 4 Pines brewer, Garrett Sherman.

“When Andrew approached us about getting involved, we thought it would be a great challenge to see what we could come up with and make a beer that is as close to what they would’ve drunk back then in the middle ages.

“People who love their beer should definitely come along to try it out because we’ll only be making it this once,” he said.

Sir Andrew’s Gruit was well researched and is made from a combination of several ancient recipes, and experience in working with the ingredients other than hops as the traditional bittering agent, such as herbs and berries characteristic of the medieval period.

Distinctly sweet and citrusy to taste, the gruit is brewed using wheat, rye, oats and spelt as well as honey to give it a sweet taste and create alcohol.

Sherman says sourcing the correct ingredients, in some cases from as far away as Scotland, was crucial to capturing the authenticity of the medieval brew.

“We’re hoping it will add something special to the event and give the Faire goers a taste of something not available anywhere else in Sydney.”

The beer’s namesake, Andrew McKinnon, who is working with Ku-Ring-Gai Council to bring the event to St Ives, says having a beer named after him is every man’s dream.

“Having a beer named after you is every red-blooded man’s dream isn’t it?’ said McKinnon.

“The guys at 4 Pines know their way around beer, and I’m really excited that the Faire will feel that much more authentic with a true medieval beer on tap. Giving the people the true medieval experience is exactly what we’re trying to do,” he said.

About Sir Andrew’s Gruit

The Gruit is a medieval style beer distinctive by its use of herbs and roots as the bittering agent instead of hops. The ancient recipe also includes wheat, rye, spelt and honey for sweetness, as well as to help create the alcohol.

The Gruit should land from 4.8 – 5.1 ABV and will be available on tap only at the St Ives Medieval Faire.

About the St Ives Medieval Faire

The St Ives Medieval Faire will take place 20-21 September 2014 at the St Ives Showground.

The family event will be the biggest and highest quality international jousting tournament in the southern hemisphere and will also feature a Knight School for kids, a medieval catapult display, full flight birds of prey and a full medieval village complete with medieval tavern.


Tickets to the event are available at the gate or online at www.stivesmedievalfaire.com.au.

For event updates, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/stivesfaire.

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