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Hills Cider celebrates 5 years

January 15, 2015

Hills Cider celebrates five years of supporting Aussie Farmers

Media Release

It was Australia Day five years ago when Toby Kline and Steve Dorman finished hand kegging their first batch of Hills Cider.

They loaded the kegs into Toby’s ute and headed off to make their first ever delivery. Little did they know, this model ute would eventually be recalled for faulty tailgates, and as the guys took the first roundabout, the tailgate burst open, and their kegs were strewn across an intersection in North Adelaide.

As they started retrieving the scattered kegs, a bystander walking past started to roll one of the kegs off for himself. It took quite a bit of convincing on Toby and Steve’s part to persuade the gentleman to hand over his pilfered keg!

Hills Cider logoAn hour later, the first Hills Apple Cider keg was tapped and The Hills Cider Company was born.

Since those early beginnings working out of Toby’s garage, The Hills Cider Company has embarked on a passionate journey to support Australian farming communities and growers, by sourcing only hand-picked Australian grown fruit for their award winning ciders, which are available today nation-wide, and considered by many as the benchmark of Australian real cider.

In a sea of ciders made from imported Chinese juice concentrate, artificial flavours and added sugars, The Hills Cider Company has remained committed to using only 100% fresh Australian fruit, sourced exclusively from the cool climate Adelaide Hills, to help support local farmers, families, communities, and the Australian agricultural industry.

Their rapid growth has directly resulted in an increase in local jobs, created higher confidence amongst Australian fruit growers, and allowed some Adelaide Hills farmers who had walked away from their operations to reignite their business, confident in a more holistic, economically viable future.

The success of the Hills Cider everyday products Apple, Pear and Apple Ginger, is supported by Steve’s passion for exploring the depth and diversity of cider making.

Steve says the ability to have complete control over every stage of processing allows him to continue pushing the boundaries of Australian cider and experiment with a range of old and new world technique’s and styles.

“We are one of only a handful of cider companies in Australia that have complete land to hand control over our product.

“We have strict specifications that are followed by our Adelaide Hills growers to influence fruit quality and balance, and all of our fruit is hand-picked, which means we have the ability to set aside any superior fruit for small experimental batches.”

To celebrate their 5th birthday, The Hills Cider Company wanted to create something they believed not only showcased superior Australian produce, but that also encapsulated their ability to push boundaries and give depth to the Australian cider category. Dry Hopped Cider is a trend gaining huge traction in the US craft market, and Steve and Toby were eager to explore this style with a distinctly Australian focus.

Using 100% fresh 2014 vintage hand-picked Adelaide Hills apples, the cider was dry hopped with Australian grown Galaxy and Summer hops, as well as American Cascade and Citra hops to observe the US lineage of this style.

The result is a cider that explodes with tropical summer fruit, whilst reserving the crisp, clean style of which Hills Cider is renowned.

To thank the many customers who have supported them over the first 5 years of business, a selected number of venues across Australia will simultaneously tap the Hills Hop Cider Summer Edition this Australia Day, Monday January 26, 2015.

For a full list of participating venues, please follow The Hills Cider Company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or contact them direct.


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