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Radio Brews News – Episode 69 – Just Matt & Pete

November 23, 2015
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This week our planned guest, Aine O’Hora from Ireland’s Boyne Brewhouse, was forced to cancel at  the last minute so this week’s episode sees Matt and Pete discussing the news of the day: CUB’s increasing focus on heritage brands, Rob Ruminski’s article arguing craft brewers need to complain less and market better and also whether Lion’s beautiful truths campaign glosses over some inconvenient ones…and whether it matters anyway. Spoiler alert: As you would expect, Matt thinks it does and mounts the soapbox; Pete couldn’t care. Let us know what you think.

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Radio Brews News is hosted by Matt Kirkegaard and Pete Mitcham and is produced by Lachie Mackintosh.

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One Response to Radio Brews News – Episode 69 – Just Matt & Pete

  1. Paul on November 23, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    I am somewhat surprised, perturbed, mildly frustrated and certainly disappointed in the Profs seeming complete lack of interest in the topic of the later half of this pod cast. In fact I think he said “couldn’t be less interested” in regard to false and or misleading advertising around beer or in fact the spin that the spin doctors from the major commercial beer companies put out. The Prof is a beer educator in his own right so his seeming lack of interest perplexes me.

    We all want truth in advertising but we all know there is seldom the whole truth in advertising and in regard to the beer the beautiful campaign, they should be giving people a free set of beer goggles to watch the campaign through which blithely makes all of the inconvenient truths disappear, hidden amongst the waving wheat fields never to be seen or contemplated, ever.

    I have no doubt the Prof has had this discussion over and over and then over some more with Matt (as have a few of us) so perhaps he is bored of it – sorry to say Prof you did sound rather disengaged on the topic although you did squarely say you couldn’t be less interested.

    I remember when Tooheys Bock came out, I was quite excited (and confused) by them bringing out a bock then I saw that it was a mid strength – 3.5%. All these beer drinkers were raving about this Bock beer from Tooheys and how good it was, full bodied, different and you could have a few and drive etc It was a completely new beer for the Australian masses – or maybe the New South Welshman masses.

    I was furious, whether it was a good beer or a bad beer wasn’t the point (but just for the record I didn’t rate it)the point was that it was a lie, a con job on the beer drinking public. The public were sold an untruth happily by the brewery and happily they drank the beer and enjoyed it – good for them. Maybe that is your point Prof who really cares? Well I do and I reckon you do too or you wouldn’t do what you do in the beer sphere.

    Back then maybe 1% of the drinking public may have known that a Bock is, put very very simply, a lager over 6%. Imagine all those Aussies going overseas and landing in Germany and having a Bock in a traditional German beer hall and thinking the Bock in Germany is shit as it is nothing like the Bock in Australia.

    One of the good things about “Craft” beer is it has brought truth to the beer world, we have finally been told what is in the beer and what the style is etc of course it has also tipped over the edge now in that it is muddling the pond now – anyone for a black white XXIPA saison?

    Yes Prof as I said at the beer awards I have given up drinking “craft” and just drink “good”. How do we define good? Well good beer has nothing to hide, that to me is the point and the point Matt, in a fairly long winded way, was trying to say in this pod cast.

    Beer the beautiful with beer goggles, a heavy swipe of Vaseline on the lens and only half the truth…..nothing beautiful about that.

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