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Radio Brews News – Episode 93 – Stomping Ground and Op Tik

June 10, 2016
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Justin Joiner and Ashur Hall (Courtesy The Crafty Pint)

Justin Joiner and Ashur Hall (Courtesy The Crafty Pint)

This week we run two interviews. Firstly we catch up with Justin Joiner and Ashur Hall from the soon-to-open Stomping Ground Brewing Co.

Stomping Ground is a new project from the team behind The Local Taphouse and GABS, and we hear from Justin and Ashur the brewery’s philiospohy and approach to its beers.

Then we chat with Andrew Hunter the man behind Streamline Beverages, and inventor of the OP TIK beverage dispensing tower. We speak with Andrew about the thinking behing these beer fonts that showcase the colour of the beer being poured.

op tik

The OP TIK dispensing system

Producer Lachie also has some fun in the edits.

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Radio Brews News is hosted by Matt Kirkegaard and Pete Mitcham and is produced by Lachie Mackintosh.

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One Response to Radio Brews News – Episode 93 – Stomping Ground and Op Tik

  1. Uncle G on July 14, 2016 at 10:38 pm

    OK, on the Op Tik system (horrible name BTW – really, really bad); there are two obvious cons.

    Con the first – being able to see the beer doesn’t prove much about quality. We aren’t CAMRA wonks from the 70s who think clarity=quality. The pub may still be skimping on cleaning, the beer may not have been kept in optimal condition, and yet remain crystal clear.

    Con the 2nd – light strike? Does the clear section block UV light?

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