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CUB readies Carlton Pale launch

August 2, 2016

Carlton Pale Ale will be the next crack at a range extension by one of the major breweries.

Carlton & United Breweries has yet to officially announce the move, but Carlton Pale Ale will be one of several new products showcased to customers at a trade event in Melbourne next Wednesday.

The new beer appears to be an offshoot of Carlton Draught, with similar branding and the same ‘Brewery Fresh’ slogan.

It’s the latest in a flurry of Pale/Golden Ale line extensions of lager brands by CUB and Lion, with the new products achieving mixed success.

XXXX Gold Australian Pale Ale and Crown Golden Ale are still on the market, but Tooheys Darling Pale Ale was recently deleted.

CUB has been approached for comment.

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One Response to CUB readies Carlton Pale launch

  1. Mike G on August 2, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    Surprisingly, if you read the recent well researched book “Bronzed Brews” by Peter Symons, most draught beers served over the bar in Australia were still ales of the “triple-X” variety even as late as the 1960s – exploding the myth that lagers were almost universal after 1900.
    That’s why so many Australian lagers still kept “ale” or “bitter” in the title, they basically just switched their production to a lager yeast when they upgraded brewery plant from the 1950s onwards.
    If CUB and Lion can dig out some of the full flavoured recipes of that era instead of the dreadful Darling and even worse recent XXXX Gold and Tooths Ales, they might be onto a winner.

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