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Are you Stuck in Your Job? (instead of working in brewing)

May 15, 2014

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Are you Stuck in Your Job? (instead of working in Brewing)


If you feel stuck in your job then you must take stock and make a decision to move on. Following your heart and Intuition will lead to satisfaction you were meant to have (reworded, Steve Jobs).

It has been reported in many surveys that as much as 56% of employees worldwide expressed a desire to leave their jobs – Forbes, 2011.

The main reasons for dissatisfaction in their jobs was reported (Forbes) to be;

  • low salaries
  • lack of benefits
  • inflexible schedules
  • lack of recognition
  • dismissing employee requirements
  • lack of training and learning opportunities
  • increasing workloads
  • undefined career paths
  • lack of casual dress code

If you see yourself in this group you no doubt are looking for a career change.

But its not that easy. We can feel stuck in our position because of certain factors such as age (too old?), loss of entitlements if we leave (long service leave), uncertainty with the new job (jumping out of the pot into the fire syndrome), family pressures (mortgage, bills) etc.

As a homebrewer you may find the concept of running your own brewery appealing. After all, you will be your own boss. And you can do what your heart desires; brewing beer.

It’s not such a far fetched idea. The craft brewing industry is booming. The facts show that in just one year craft beer has increased production in Australia, by about 2%, a total of 3.2% by revenue in 2013- IBIS World Report 2013

The report goes on to say;

“This segment includes small microbrewers or craft brewers, producing on average 150,000 litres of beer per year. There are currently over 140 such craft brewers in Australia. This number is expected to grow over the next five years. Craft brewers have benefited from the same trends as premium beer producers over the five years through 2012-13, with wealthier, more-discerning drinkers looking to try new beverages. A growing interest in high-quality and locally produced beverages has supported category growth”.

So there is little doubt that you can take some local share in this growth.

But you may be thinking where do I start?

It is the vision of Costanzo Brewing to see that the industry head not only in the right direction but by the right means.

With our help CBC offers 7 reasons why you can start your own microbrewery:

  1. Knowledge transfer- learn the right way to brew and avoid costly mistakes
  2. Your Vision and Goals- find out why and what you will need to succeed (we can help you decide on your business model/ business plan)
  3. The right brewing equipment- find out what’s available including the one I’ve used.
  4. Quality Control- The next generation of brewers will be doing this. Find out what and the equipment you need and what I have used
  5. Differentiate yourself from other brewers- learn how and why you should do this (like I did previously in a microbrewery)
  6. Find the right consultant that will integrate all these facets of starting a microbrewery- consider CBC as a market leader to bringing all this together
  7. To find out more about what it takes to starting your own microbrewery request the FREE Report on the 12 steps you need to consider when starting a microbrewery. For your Free Report Click here.

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