Fibre King

Australian packaging machinery manufacturer Fibre King, was the first in Australia to tailor packaging machinery design to accommodate the needs of independent, craft-sized breweries. Fibre King, founded in 1926 designs, builds, installs and maintains high quality end-of-line packaging equipment for companies across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. While most of their customer base have high volume facilities Fibre King saw an opportunity in the Craft Brewery market and set about developing affordable, compact solutions that would help brewers get their product to market more efficiently and cost effectively.

Since launching their craft-sized can/bottle case packer (The Little Packer) in 2019 they have since developed a Can Carrier Applicator, CMP Palletiser, De-palletiser and can offer custom conveying systems to suit factory layouts as well as provide line relocation and commissioning services through Australia. Fibre King has fast become the preferred supplier of end of line equipment to craft breweries throughout Australia as is continually adding to their range of equipment to help meet the production demands of the craft brewery industry.


Servicing: Australia-wide