HPA: Australia’s leading hop grower

HPA is the leading hop grower in Australia, backed by a team of experts in plant breeding, farm operations, customer service and brewing support.

Their farms have been growing hops for more than 150 years, but they’re focused on creating new aromas and flavours that will make our favourite beverage even better.

HPA are also regional representatives of the global Barth Haas group. This means they’re able to share our hops with brewers around the world, and bring a great range of international hops and advanced hop products to brewers in Australia.

  • Cascade
  • Ella™
  • Enigma™
  • Galaxy™
  • HPA-016
  • Super Pride
  • Topaz™
  • Vic Secret™
  • Leading international hop varieties
  • Advanced hop products


Servicing: Australia