Pneumatic Scale Angelus

Pneumatic Scale Angelus provides canning solutions across the global Beverage and Craft Beverage industries.

We offer innovative filling and closing technologies for:

  • Carbonated beverages like beer, soft drinks, and mixed carbonated cocktails that benefit from our proprietary gassing system to precisely control dissolved oxygen levels
  • Non-carbonated beverages ranging from water to wine, sports drinks to spirits, and flavoured teas to mixed cocktails that require a nitrogen dosing system to extend the shelf life of the product or provide additional rigidity to today’s lighter containers
  • Cold-fill, natural beverages like fruit and vegetable juices, where temperature is an important factor in preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of the product
  • Dairy and other plant-based beverages, where clean-ability is essential to minimising the risk posed by allergens and other forms of contamination.

With all of our solutions, built in the USA and supported by our Sydney based Australian Team, we proudly meet the needs of both the high volume producer who serves a broad range of consumers, and the independent, small-batch producer whose focus is on the discerning tastes of the craft beverage consumer.

We focus on key segments of the Beverage and Craft Beverage industry, including:

  • High Speed beverage applications, including beer, juice, and water
  • Craft Beer, including hard cider and kombucha
  • Craft Beverage, including still and sparkling wines and wine-based cocktails, whisky, tequila, prepared cocktails, coffee and tea
  • Carbonated and Sparkling beverage applications, including hard seltzer, high carbonation beer, and carbonated soft drinks.


Servicing: Australia, New Zealand